Frequently Asked Questions

What does Property Profits 4u do exactly?
We are a well established property company specialising in finding residential property for Cash Buyers who want to buy for investment purposes. We aim to find property for buyers where the Seller wants a Quick Sale, and consider any residential property throughout the UK whatever the reasons for the sale. We've been trading since 1983 - a great track record.

What support do you provide?
Don't worry! You're not on your own, we provide a comprehensive after sales support service at no extra cost. Just phone or email our friendly and knowledgeable support team who will give you all the help and advice you might need to get your business off the ground.

Are there any franchise fees to pay?
No, absolutely not. You pay us a once only set-up fee of £47.00 and that's it. There are no hidden costs, no extra fees or recurring costs and no tie in.

How much money can I earn?
By following our methods you will receive a referral fee of 1% of the property value, there is no upper limit, it depends on how much the property is worth. For example: on a property that sells for £100,000 you would receive £1000 while for a property that sells for £200,000 you would receive £2000 and so on.

Where do the buyers come from?
We tell you how to build a list of Cash Buyers, all eager and ready to buy. They are national buyers and will consider any type of residential property.

There is no shortage of cash buyers looking to buy quickly, although you don't need many buyers to make this business work, it is possible to run this business with a list of between 6 to 12 buyers. We recommend that you just pick and choose the buyers that you want to deal with.

Remember: These are professional buyers needing property for investment purposes so they will buy again and again.

How do I find the Property Sellers?
We provide you with a comprehensive Business Plan which tells you clearly and precisely how to generate enquiries from people wanting a quick sale for their property. You don't have to guess how to do it it's all covered in our Business Start-up Pack. Our methods are easy to follow and are tried and tested - they really work.

There are two basic methods of getting property enquiries, Online and Offline. Increasingly the internet is the preferred option, more and more people are now searching online for things they need and wanting to sell a house quickly is one of them. But offline should not be ignored it is still very useful.

Online: You can expect to get enquiries from your website, people visiting your site will be able to fill in the online enquiry form.

Offline: The Business Plan contains an array of advertising and marketing templates which you can customise with your web address and phone number.

Do I need any previous experience?
No previous experience is required, anybody can run this business, the concept is very simple and our methods are very easy to follow, no technical knowledge is needed.

Can I fit this around my job?
Yes, most people run this business on a part time basis initially, however you can still earn a full time income even by running this business part time.

How do I get my property referrals business?
Simply use the 'Buy Now' button below and you will be up and running in no time.

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Your Property Referrals Business Pack will be available to download straight after you have completed checkout.

We are extremely confident that our Property Referrals Start-up Package will live up to your highest expectations, just read some of our feedback.

Customer Feedback

Excellent product
Have read through the information and business guide, I'm really looking forward to starting my business.

Highly recommended
A quality business plan, contains a wealth of information.

Fantastic business
This property business idea is brilliant, it's really motivated me to succeed.

Thank You
Such an easy to follow business guide, I'm really confident that I can make money with this business.

So pleased with the package
The guide explains everything with easy to follow steps, its fantastic.

Very Impressed
Incredibly useful information.

Great after sales support
A really useful business start-up package with a friendly support team always happy to answer my questions.